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Legal Shield – the CAA of Legal Services

Legal Shield – the CAA of Legal Services

I was approached by a friend to evaluate the legal shield service at the time it was named Pre-paid Legal. I attended a few meetings did some research and decided that it is a no-brainer. Astonishingly, during my research I discovered that many people I spoke to, were so eager to speak negatively of this service without even knowing what it was about. I am opinionated too, but I always try to KNOW first before I offer an opinion on any subject.

My first meeting  felt like the  AA meetings that you see portrayed on television. Everyone was  so overly happy, clapping and agreeing  in unison to every word the presenters uttered. Yikes!!!  It felt too sickly sweet and it nearly turned me off.  I found that the message could  easily be  lost due to the cheerleaders overdone applause and interaction.   I have been to so many  marketing meetings and they seem to all have the same script – get a bunch of  people who have benefitted from this great service or made great sums of  money from it and parade them if front of the audience.  I know that real testimonials are great closers but only if it is presented right.   In my opinion, Legal Shield should look into putting on their presentations  with less showmanship, having said that I have sat through a number of subsequent meetings and I find some better than others.

Well it turns out that Legal Shield is a perfect fit for everyone needing the services of a high end lawyer but cannot pay upfront. The Legal Shield service offers its members an extensive array of legal services for a low monthly fee as low as $13 in some US jurisdictions.  In Canada it is offered for $26 monthly. For large families it could work out to be actually pennies a day or about $2 plus dollars per month.  It is a real simple and brilliant concept, in very basic language – Legal Shield is really bulk retention of legal services.  In other words, if you should ever need legal advice, you simply pick up your phone and call your lawyer who is on retainer for you!

Legal Shield is like the CAA of legal services. I can guarantee that you will need  this service, you will not only need this service – but you will use it much more  than your CAA membership.   Here is the most redeeming part of this service – unlike CAA membership where you are charged higher to join, if you join at the curb side – Legal shield does not penalize you if you join after the fact.   Simply put, if you get say, a nasty letter from Uncle Sam or in Canada the dreaded CRA, advising you that they are about to garnished your wage, garnish your bank account and auction off your first born because you owe them money – you can join Legal Shield right way and not be penalized.

Check out their new video introducing Legal Shield

Here’s a run-down of some what you get:

  • Contract and document review
  • Attorney made phone calls
  • letters sent on your behalf
  • Phone consultations with your attorney on unlimited matters
  • 50 Hours of attorney time to fight an I.R.S. Audit (please note: not included in Canadian membership)
  • 24/7 Access to an attorney in an emergency
  • 75 Hours of lawyer time to defend a civil/criminal action(please note: not included in Canadian membership)
  • Will preparation with free yearly reviews and updates Identity shield PURCHASE SEPARATELY FOR $9.99
  • Continuous credit monitoring with prompt notification of any suspicious activity; new accounts created in your name, notifications on your credit or change of address requests
  • Identity Restoration in case your identity is in fact stolen
  • Free credit report with detailed analysis of your credit score
  • and much more…….

The lingering question remains why are people so wary of Legal Shield / Pre-Paid Legal? Based on my limited and small sample size research of about 27 individuals – the general perception out there is  that Legal Shield it is a  Pyramid. Reason: Legal Shield offers its members the opportunity of making some money for spreading the word about their service. That in itself does not point towards Pyramid, however the incentive hierarchical structure lends itself to be incorrectly termed as Pyramid. I personally know of members who have benefitted tremendously from their membership. There are so many scenarios that life hands you that this service can be of immense help to you and your family. As you can see from the list above you don’t have to be on the wrong side of the law to benefit greatly from this service.

This part of the service is purely optional -you do NOT have to go after the business opportunity offered – it is NOT for everyone – in other words not all members or prospective members are cut out to be entrepreneurs. If it is not for you – leave it alone and don’t knock it unfairly.

Yes, I joined and my family and I are covered for things like:

  • having our student daughter’s rental contract reviewed
  • getting our legal firm to contact retailer re: defective furniture
  • reviewing renovation contract (this is a biggie – get those reno contracts looked at by a lawyer before you sign)
  • sales agreements for big ticket items like cars, boat etc get the contract reviewed
  • getting wills done and power of attorney

This service gives my family and I peace of mind should we need legal advice or a legal advocate to protect our rights and interests.  If you need more information on how to join or just to view some more videos about this service or if you  need to chat about Legal Shield you can reach me by clicking desemal(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Here is what independent new organizations have to say about Legal Shield and Legal Shield Plus.  Thank you for reading my post.

Be Good to yourself and others!
- Desemal






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